Adorable Red Mini Golden Doodle Available – Gracie, Female Miniature from Cherry Lane Doodles

Have you ever heard of a red mini golden doodle? These adorable pups are a cross between a miniature or toy poodle and a golden retriever. They are known for their stunning red coats and friendly, playful personalities. In this blog post, I will introduce you to some of the most charming red mini golden doodles at Cherry Lane Doodles, a reputable breeder known for their excellent lines of health and temperament.

Let’s start with Gracie, a fourth-generation goldendoodle born at Cherry Lane Doodles. She is the daughter of Ellie, a retired doodle mom, and comes from a long line of excellence. Gracie is the perfect balance of a companion. She’s intelligent, eager to learn, and catches on quickly. When practicing her training, she’s always asking, “What’s next?” Gracie also has a silly energetic side and loves running around the yard. Not to mention, she knows how to play gently with smaller dogs, a great quality to have. Gracie gets along well with all dogs and loves meeting new furry friends. She’s also compassionate and human-focused, always ready to give kisses and provide comfort when someone is feeling down. How amazing is that?

Next up, we have Roxy, a red mini multigenerational goldendoodle. Roxy is incredibly smart and congenial, getting along with everyone she meets. She’s a calm and collected dog who loves nothing more than cuddling with her guardian family. Roxy has earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate, a testament to her good behavior and obedience. Not only is she a total sweetheart, but she also has straight hair and two copies of furnishings, making her a desirable breeding candidate if you’re looking for that perfect “doodle look.” Plus, Roxy is genetically clear of IVDD/CDDY, ensuring good health for her and her future puppies.

Gypsy is the next red mini golden doodle on our list, and she’s known for her confidence. This brave girl fears very little and naturally follows her humans around. Gypsy is highly motivated by treats and toys, which makes training a breeze. Her favorite thing in the world is to be close to you, cuddling up on your lap for belly rubs or a long nap. With her human-focused nature and high confidence, Gypsy is a delight to have as part of the Cherry Lane Doodles program.

Now moving on to Hart, a petite mini goldendoodle weighing in at just 18 pounds. Hart is brilliant and easy to train. She’s energetic but also loves her naptime. Playfulness is one of her best qualities, and she adores snuggling with her family on the couch. Hart is incredibly friendly, getting along with both humans and other dogs effortlessly. She’s a submissive pup, letting others take the lead, and her favorite phrase is “Who’s a pretty girl?” just like many of us, Hart can’t resist coming running when she hears it.

Cody is a little fluff ball made of pure joy. This mini goldendoodle is always smiling and has an amazing personality. He has a nice balance of calm and play in him, making him the perfect companion. Cody is highly intelligent and has passed all his health testing with flying colors, especially when it comes to his hips. His hip scores are way above the breed average, something to be incredibly proud of. On top of that, he has a beautiful thick wavy, hypoallergenic coat, perfect structure, and bite, making him a truly exceptional example of a mini goldendoodle.

Theodore, also known as Teddy, is one exceptional mini goldendoodle. He comes from a long line of beautiful and healthy mini goldendoodles and has a phenomenal temperament. This boy is calm, attentive, motivated, and extremely friendly. Teddy even attended a 3-week board and train program with a highly qualified trainer, who fell in love with him. Teddy has a beautiful thick straight, hypoallergenic coat, and carries no copies of curl. He is completely clear of all testable genetic health diseases and is fully furnished. With his impressive hip scores, Teddy is truly a stunning example of a mini goldendoodle.

Tilly is a standard English goldendoodle weighing in at 53 pounds. She carries on the impeccable lines of good health, temperament, and beauty from her mother, Lucy, who has now retired. Tilly already displays an amazing personality, and she’s calm and easily trainable. Coming from English retriever lines, she has that stereotypical English temperament that many families love. Tilly is owned by Cherry Lane Doodles and will have her first litter later in 2023, passing on her wonderful traits to her puppies.

Honey Bear is another standard English goldendoodle loved for her calm and gentle nature. She can be trusted with anyone, from the elderly to children and other dogs. Honey has even produced therapy and service puppies, showcasing her low prey drive, high confidence, and motivation. She is the epitome of a therapy or service dog, making her puppies a great option for those looking for a furry friend with those qualities. Honey Bear is owned by Cherry Lane Doodles and has been genetically tested and cleared of all diseases.

Emmie is a medium goldendoodle from Cherry Lane Doodles, and she comes from their very own Ivy and Charlie Brown. Families who have an Ivy and Charlie Brown puppy rave about their pup’s personality, and Emmie is the perfect combination of her parents. She is intelligent, has low to medium energy, and is human-focused. Emmie’s Guardian Family describes her as always thinking before reacting, and her favorite thing is to cuddle with her Guardian Mom. With her excellent health clearances and wonderful temperament, Emmie is a cherished member of the Cherry Lane Doodles program.

Wrigley is a lovable mini F1B parti goldendoodle weighing in at 34 pounds. He adds more abstract and parti goldendoodles to the breeding program at Cherry Lane Doodles. Wrigley has been easy to train and has a calm demeanor. His favorite thing in the world is cuddling up on the couch with his family, claiming a lap as his own. Wrigley’s hips have been tested through PennHIP, and his scores are impressive, ranking in the 93rd percentile amongst other goldendoodles. His stunning features and excellent health make Wrigley a highly sought-after stud in the program.

Last but not least, we have Charlie Brown, a small standard goldendoodle weighing in at 55 pounds. He is an F1B red and white abstract goldendoodle and the stud at Cherry Lane Doodles. Charlie is absolutely stunning, with a deep red, soft fleece abstract coat. Not only is he a looker, but he also has the best temperament around. Charlie has produced several puppies who have grown into fantastic dogs, known for their good behavior and obedience. He is the total package when it comes to looks, health, and personality, making him a valuable member of the Cherry Lane Doodles program.

These are just a few of the incredible red mini golden doodles at Cherry Lane Doodles. Each one has their own unique personality, but they all share the characteristics of being intelligent, friendly, and eager to please. With their stunning red coats and cuddly nature, these pups make the perfect companion for any dog lover. So if you’re in search of a red mini golden doodle that will bring joy and laughter into your life, look no further than Cherry Lane Doodles. They have a reputation for breeding healthy, well-tempered doodles that will steal your heart in an instant. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to welcome one of these amazing pups into your family!

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