How much should a medium-size Goldendoodle weigh?

I absolutely love medium-sized goldendoodles! They are just the perfect size for a working or family dog, measuring between 17 and 21 inches and weighing around 35 to 50 pounds. They are not too small, where you might accidentally step on them, but also not too big to take up all the space on your couch. They are just right!

One of the best things about medium goldendoodles is that they make excellent travel companions. Sure, mini goldendoodles are also great for traveling, but there’s something about the medium-sized ones that makes them a perfect fit. They are not too heavy to carry around, yet not too small to feel fragile. So, whether you’re going on a road trip or hopping on a plane, the medium goldendoodle will gladly tag along and make your journey much more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for a furry friend that’s not overwhelming in size, but still has all the charm and playfulness of a goldendoodle, look no further than the medium-sized ones. These adorable pups will bring so much joy and love into your life, all while fitting perfectly into your home and lifestyle. So why not consider getting a medium goldendoodle and experience the wonders of this amazing breed firsthand? Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

How much should a medium-size Goldendoodle weigh?

Medium Doodles Medium goldendoodles measure between 17 and 21 inches and typically weigh between 35 and 50 pounds. The medium goldendoodle is an optimal size for a working or family dog. While the mini goldendoodle is a good travel partner, so is the medium-sized goldendoodle.

How long does it take for a medium Goldendoodle to be fully grown?

Goldendoodles come in a wide variety of size ranges, which depends on the type of poodle that was used for breeding. This breed should reach its full height by 12 to 14 months and can continue gaining weight for up to two years.

How to predict Goldendoodle size?

For a rough estimate of adult weight for your mini F1b goldendoodle, multiple your pup’s 8 week weight by 4.3. Like most dog breeds, goldendoodles generally do the majority of their growing in the first six months of life. In fact, many mini goldendoodle puppies reach half of their adult weight by four months.

How much more will a Goldendoodle grow after 6 months?

Age Weight (lbs) Height (cm)
5 months 25 – 45 35.6 – 50.8
6 months 30 – 50 40.6 – 55.9
7 months 35 – 55 43.2 – 61
8 months 40 – 60 45.7 – 63.5

Do Goldendoodles get curlier with age?

Coat Texture Again, this depends on their parents. But most commonly, they have wavy hair. Those with curly hair resemble their Poodle ancestry. It’s even possible that your puppy’s hair gets curlier as they age.

How much exercise does a medium Goldendoodle need?

Goldendoodles: These active dogs typically require around 30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily. This can be split into two sessions of play, walks, or other activities. It’s important to include both physical exercise and mental stimulation.

What is the lifespan of a medium Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles are generally healthy dogs that can live 10–15 years, but they are prone to common health conditions of the Poodle and Golden Retriever breeds.

At what age do Goldendoodles calm down?

Even after your doodle loses its puppy teeth at around six to eight months old, puppy-like behavior is likely to continue. Generally speaking, doodles are most hyper during the early stage of life, then become a little more docile at three years old and calm down a lot by the time they reach 10.

At what age does a Goldendoodle reach maturity?

Mature Adulthood Development Period (1 – 3 Years) So the puppy is no longer an itty-bitty baby, his is pretty much fully-grown in height. He will begin to fill out a bit and develop more muscle tone. But, mentally, the dog is still working out some last details of his life and what it means to him.

What is the most popular Goldendoodle size?

Medium Size Medium Goldendoodles are a popular choice as they are small enough to live in apartments and condos but large enough to serve as working dogs or substantial family pets.

How do I know if my Goldendoodle is medium or standard?

Medium: Height: over 17 inches but under 21 inches (43cm to 52cm) at the withers, typically 36-50 lbs. Standard: Height: over 21 inches (53cm to 63cm) at the withers, typically 51 or more lbs. Final size category of a dog will be determined at adulthood and is measured at the withers.

What gender Goldendoodle is best?

Whether you select a male or female goldendoodle is all about personal preference. There are no concrete differences beyond a small size discrepancy, so it’s best to ask about the unique traits of an individual puppy when buying a new doodle rather than picking based on gender.

How much should a medium Goldendoodle weigh?

Medium Goldendoodles Size Typically, an adult Medium Goldendoodle stands around 18 to 21 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh approximately 35 to 55 pounds when fully grown. Medium sized Goldendoodles are a good size, fitting comfortably in average-sized homes.

Which is better f1 or f1b Goldendoodle?


How often should you bathe Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles don’t need frequent baths. A bath once a month, or when they get dirty, is sufficient. Bathing too often can strip the coat of its natural oils, causing it to become dry and full. Use a gentle, dog specific shampoo to maintain the pH balance of their skin.

How much will my Goldendoodle weigh as an adult?

Size Weight Age When Fully Grown
Mini Goldendoodle 15 – 30 pounds 7.5 – 11 months
Medium Goldendoodle 30 – 45 pounds 11 – 13 months
Standard Goldendoodle 50 – 90 pounds 12.5 – 16 months

How do I know if my Goldendoodle is overweight?

To determine if your Goldendoodle is overweight, look for physical signs such as difficulty in feeling the ribs under a layer of fat, a lack of visible waist, or a rounded belly. Behaviorally, an overweight Goldendoodle may exhibit lethargy, reluctance to engage in usual activities, or quick exhaustion during exercise.

How much should a standard Goldendoodle eat?

Adult Goldendoodles may require between 1½ and 3 cups of dry food daily, split into two meals. For example, a 30 to 40 pound Goldendoodle would need 1 ¼ to 1 ½ cup for a less active adult, while a 80 to 100 pound Goldendoodle would need between 2 ½ to 3 cups for a similar activity level.

Is my Goldendoodle underweight?

Stand your dog up and run your hands over their sides. If you can barely feel their ribs or can’t feel their ribs at all – your dog’s carrying too much fat and you have an overweight dog. If there’s too much rib, i.e. you can’t feel much between your dog’s skin and its ribs, you have an underweight dog.

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