CH OTCH Morgen’s Lil’ Bit of Skyefire TD UDX9 OGM MH24 WCX **VCX OBHF DDHF CCA OS 

(Am CH SHR Mirasol Nose No Blarney RA JH OA OAJ NF WC VCX CCA   ex
MACH3 Wilt’s Morgen Aurorean Jolie CDX RE MH NF WCX CCA VCX CGC TDI)

Best Gun Dog Sweeps at the 2013 NS from the Master Hunter Class

Born 2/19/2010

Beau-D is everything I wanted from the breeding between Brogan and Jolie. He is very biddable and loves to work, which makes training so much fun! He has quite the personality!  In his performance training, he rarely needs a strong correction because of his strong desire to please, but he bounces back quickly if corrected. He is a very stylish worker, with a nice up attitude!

Beau-D has beautiful movement coming and going. He is well coordinated with correct reach and tail carriage. Front to back, he is well structured with a nice forechest, rib spring, a level/strong topline and an excellent rear. He carries a correct coat of medium gold color that is wash and wear. He has a scissor bite and no missing teeth. Beau-D’s skull is good with good breath of muzzle, excellent dark pigment and a correct, dark eye. His ear set and length are correct. Overall, he has a high degree of breed type and is well balanced, with an athletic appearance. He is a moderate size with a height of close to 23″ and weight around 65 pounds.

Conformation: 4 pt major at the Cleveland Classic-Medina Show Judge Ms. Hale, Dec. 2011
4 pt. major at Cleveland Classic Richland Co. show-Judge Ms. Roby Dec. 2011
3 pt. major Maryland Kennel Club Judge James M. Brown Feb. 18, 2012
Feb. 24, 2012 Meri-Miss KC (Hattiesburg, MS) WD 1point under Anne Savory Bolus
March 3, 2012 Tupelo MS, WD/BW 1 point under Paula Hartinger
March 4, 2012 Tupelo, MS, WD/BW 1 point under Roger R. Hartinger
March 11. 2012 Logansport, IN WD/BW 1 point Ms. Anne Savory Bolus NEW CHAMPION

Championship at 2 years old.
Expertly shown by Cortney Corral

Link ~http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=1459281#animal

Beau-D in the Field

Junior Hunter title in four trials with flawless performances
Senior Hunter title in four trials with near perfect marking and very nice handling
 Beau-D earned his SH at 2 years of age.
Master Hunter at 3 yrs. old (11 passes to date)
 JAM at 2014 GRCA Qualifying Field Trial (at 4 yrs. old)

 Beau-D in Obedience

On June 22, 2012,  Beau-D earned his CD title with three High in Trial in his obedience debut

Jan. 2014 He earned his OTCH with limited showing
GRCA Obedience Hall of Fame
Hips: OFA GR-105184G24M-VPI
Elbows: OFA GR-EL26066M24-VPI
CERF: GR-34844
Heart: OFA GR-CA19525/12M/C-PI
Optigen 12-4313 Clear for prcd-PRA and PRA1
Antegen 12-4313 Clear for Ichthyosis