OTCH Merichase Skye’s LegacyUDX3 TD SH OA OAJ VCD2 WCX CCA VCX OBHF (3 Master Hunter legs)

Echo at 10 1/2 He’s one awesome boy!
Whelped  02/20/2004
Due to Echo suffering an FCE in late 2011, Echo has been retired.
He was an excellent marker and a stylish worker with plenty of speed and enthusiasm.
Echo earned 3 MH legs in 2011 prior to the FCE.
Echo has OFA Good hips, clearances for his elbows, eyes and heart, and PRA.Click here to see some of Echo’s talented offspring!

He loves his bumpers and birds

 Click here to see Echo in obedience!

Echo earned a perfect 200 in a Novice class under Richard Strong