Unlocking the AKC Golden Retriever Price: A Guide to Affordable and Quality Puppies

When it comes to finding the perfect furry addition to your family, it’s important to consider all aspects, including the price. If you’re in the market for an AKC Golden Retriever, you might be wondering about the potential cost. In this article, I will provide you with valuable information on AKC Golden Retriever prices, answering common questions and giving you a comprehensive understanding of what to expect. So, let’s dive in!

First and foremost, it’s essential to note that the pricing of AKC Golden Retrievers can vary depending on various factors, such as breeder reputation, bloodline, location, and the inclusion of additional services or features. With that being said, the average price range for an AKC Golden Retriever is typically between $750 and $900. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these are just averages, and prices can go higher or lower depending on the circumstances.

One significant factor that affects the price is the availability of breeding rights. Some breeders offer the option of purchasing breeding rights for an additional fee. Breeding rights give you the opportunity to breed your Golden Retriever in the future, potentially producing more puppies to share the joy of these incredible dogs. If you are interested in breeding, it’s essential to discuss this with the breeder and inquire about any additional costs or requirements associated with obtaining breeding rights.

It’s also important to consider what you’re getting for the price you pay. Reputable breeders typically provide their puppies with a comprehensive package of services and care to ensure their wellbeing. When you adopt an AKC Golden Retriever, you can expect your new furry family member to have received their first vet visit, first set of vaccinations, first dewormer, and to be eating dry kibble Large Breed Puppy food.

Additionally, AKC registration papers are usually included in the package. These papers serve as proof of your puppy’s pedigree and heritage, giving you confidence in the authenticity of your new furry friend. Having AKC registered parents is an essential aspect to consider when purchasing a Golden Retriever, as it assures that they are from a recognized bloodline and have undergone proper health screenings and genetic testing.

Now, let’s discuss the process of choosing your AKC Golden Retriever. Unlike most breeders, we have a unique approach to this process. We believe that each puppy has a precious and unique personality. Therefore, we provide families with the opportunity to interact with the puppies and choose their new fur family member in person. We schedule one-hour appointments when the puppies are eight weeks old, allowing families to visit in the order of their deposit placement and spend time interacting with the puppies. This way, you can choose a puppy that best matches your family’s personality and preferences.

When it comes to picking up your new puppy, we do not offer shipping services. However, we provide a convenient option for those unable to pick up their puppy in person. We offer a delivery service where we meet you at the Lansing or Grand Rapids, Michigan airport for a small fee. This way, you can have your puppy safely delivered to you and avoid the hassle of traveling long distances to pick them up.

For those who live far away and cannot arrange transportation, we also offer a flight nanny service. This personalized service includes a personal escort for your puppy inside the cabin of the airplane. The nanny ensures a smooth and caring transition from our farm to your arms. The cost of the flight nanny service is an additional $1,500. This fee covers the nanny’s expenses, including roundtrip airfare, any necessary puppy care items, and the airport delivery fee.

When considering purchasing an AKC Golden Retriever, it’s essential to understand the option of breeding rights. Breeding rights allow you to breed your Golden Retriever in the future, potentially becoming a breeder yourself. Our stud dog, Rogan, is an AKC-registered Golden Retriever with a third-generation pedigree of conditional lineage. This means that while he is believed to be purebred, there is some unknown parentage indicated by DNA testing. However, once a three-generation pedigree is established, the registration reverts to full AKC status, allowing your Golden Retriever to participate in AKC events.

All of our puppies are fourth-generation DNA-profiled and are eligible to convert the “conditional” status to “standard” upon your submitted AKC DNA test, should you decide to pursue it. It’s important to clarify with the breeder if breeding rights are something you desire and if any additional costs or requirements are associated with obtaining them.

In conclusion, the price of an AKC Golden Retriever ranges between $750 and $900, with additional costs for breeding rights, if desired. Reputable breeders provide puppies with a comprehensive package of services and care, ensuring their health and wellbeing. When choosing your new fur pet family member, our unique process allows you to interact with the puppies personally and select the perfect one for your family. While we do not offer shipping, we provide delivery and flight nanny services for added convenience. If breeding rights are of interest to you, it’s essential to discuss this with the breeder and inquire about any additional costs or requirements.

At Devon Valley Farms, we believe in providing our clients with exceptional AKC Golden Retrievers that bring joy and love to their families. We are committed to ensuring the health and happiness of our puppies, and we strive to make the adoption process as seamless as possible. If you’re ready to welcome a beautiful Golden Retriever into your home, please reach out to us today. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect addition to your family!

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