Adorable Golden Doodle Mini Red Puppies: Gracie’s Red Miniature Female at Cherry Lane Doodles

As a proud owner of a Mini Red GoldenDoodle named Max, I can’t help but gush over his adorable and endearing personality. Max is the perfect companion, always eager to learn and catches on quickly during training sessions. Whenever we practice, he’s constantly asking, “What’s next?” It’s remarkable how intelligent and intuitive he is, but he also has a playful and silly side that makes him such a joy to be around. Max loves running around our yard and playing with his little Pomeranian sister. He knows how to play gently with smaller dogs, showcasing his kind and gentle nature. I’m always amazed by how well he adjusts his play levels based on the size of the dog he’s interacting with.

Max also gets along well with all dogs. Whenever we go for walks, he wants to say “Hi” to every dog we pass! He rarely barks and is generally a quiet and well-behaved dog. His love for humans knows no bounds, and he always wants to be front and center, garnering attention from everyone around. But what truly sets Max apart is his ability to “read” our feelings. If any of us are feeling down or upset, he will drop everything and comfort us with kisses and a reassuring paw on our chest. His compassion and human focus are truly remarkable. Max is truly a blessing to anyone who knows him.

When it comes to health, Max has undergone animal genetics testing, and he carries the ICH gene but is not affected by it. He is also clear of CDDY/CDPA, ensuring he doesn’t inherit any genetic health issues. Additionally, Max has received a clean bill of health from OFA, evaluating his hips (rated Fair), elbows, cardiac function, and patellas, all of which are normal. Currently weighing in at 28 pounds, Max is the epitome of a healthy and happy Mini Red GoldenDoodle.

But Max is not the only remarkable Mini GoldenDoodle in our lives. We also have the privilege of knowing Gracie, Roxy, Gypsy, Hart, and Cody, who are all part of the Cherry Lane Doodles family. Each one has their unique personality and qualities that make them special. Gracie, for example, is known for her intelligence and her ability to adjust her play style based on the size of the dog she’s interacting with. Roxy, on the other hand, is incredibly smart and congenial, earning her Canine Good Citizen Certificate. Gypsy’s confidence shines through her eye contact, and her human-focused nature makes her a joy to train.

Then there’s Hart, our petite Mini Goldendoodle, who is not only brilliant but also loves to snuggle with her family. And last but certainly not least, there’s Cody, the little fluff ball with a constant smile on his face. Cody’s impressive hip scores and his overall positive qualities make him a prized member of the Cherry Lane Doodles program.

Moving on to the standard Goldendoodles, Tilly is one of the most outstanding dogs in terms of good health, temperament, and beauty. With her impeccable lineage and friendly personality, Tilly is sure to pass on these wonderful traits to her puppies.

Honey Bear is another exceptional Goldendoodle. She has the calmest and sweetest demeanor, making her perfect for therapy or service dog training. Her puppies inherit her low prey drive, high confidence, and motivation, making them excellent options for those seeking therapy or service quality puppies.

Emmie, on the other hand, is a 2nd Generation Goldendoodle with intelligence, low/medium energy, and a strong human focus. Her charming personality and calm demeanor make her a favorite among families.

In the Mini Goldendoodle category, we have Wrigley, our lovable Mini F1B Parti Goldendoodle. With his strong furnishing genes and calm demeanor, Wrigley has proven to be easy to train and a great addition to our program. His hip scores are impressive as well, placing him in the 93rd percentile for his breed.

Charlie Brown, the small Standard Goldendoodle, is a stunning stud with deep red, soft fleece abstract coat. His remarkable temperament and exceptional offspring make him an invaluable asset to our breeding program.

And let’s not forget about Lucy London, who is the start of Cherry Lane Doodles. As our English “Teddy Bear” F1 Goldendoodle, Lucy has a calm and cuddly temperament that she passes on to her puppies. She has retired, but her legacy lives on.

Lastly, we have Ivy Francis, our medium-sized F1B Goldendoodle. Ivy is a red and white abstract beauty with a sweet and intelligent personality. She’s my constant shadow and a total Velcro dog, always by my side.

All of these Mini Red GoldenDoodles and Standard English Goldendoodles play an integral role in the Cherry Lane Doodles program. They’ve undergone various health tests to ensure they are genetically clear of any diseases and have received OFA certifications for their hips, elbows, cardiac function, and patellas. Additionally, their temperaments and personalities make them exceptional companions and additions to any family.

In conclusion, if you’re in search of a Mini Red GoldenDoodle or a Standard English Goldendoodle, look no further than the exceptional dogs at Cherry Lane Doodles. With their intelligence, friendly nature, and remarkable health, these dogs are the perfect addition to any family. Whether you’re looking for a therapy/service dog or simply a loyal and loving companion, the Mini Red GoldenDoodles and Standard English Goldendoodles at Cherry Lane Doodles will exceed your expectations. Their unique qualities and impeccable lineage make them truly one-of-a-kind dogs that will bring love, joy, and happiness to your life for years to come.

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