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Growing up, I always had a deep love for dogs. They’re loyal, loving, and provide endless joy and companionship. So, when the time came for me to get a new four-legged family member, I knew that I wanted a golden retriever. Their friendly nature, intelligence, and stunning beauty made them the perfect breed for me. That’s when I discovered Carolina Gilded Retrievers, a family-owned and operated breeder of American Kennel Club-registered golden retrievers in South Carolina.

First and foremost, what stood out to me about Carolina Gilded Retrievers was their commitment to treating their dogs as family members. They believe in a hands-on approach to raising their dogs and ensure they receive the love, care, and attention they deserve. It’s important to them that each dog has a fulfilling life, filled with adventures, car rides, and trips. This level of dedication and care truly sets them apart.

Carolina Gilded Retrievers is passionate about breeding puppies that excel in three main criteria: health, demeanor, and structure. These factors make their puppies ideal for companionship, therapy work, and service. The golden retriever breed is known for its naturally loving temperament, and Carolina Gilded Retrievers takes it a step further by providing their puppies with hands-on love and attention from day one. This helps to further magnify their already incredible temperament.

The journey begins for the puppies of Carolina Gilded Retrievers in a private, quiet area within their home. For the first three weeks of their lives, the puppies are under 24-hour supervision. The females are carefully watched and assisted during delivery to ensure a smooth and safe process. It’s clear that every precaution is taken to ensure the health and well-being of both the mother and her puppies.

At just three days old, the puppies begin their comprehensive puppy curriculum. Carolina Gilded Retrievers believes that starting early sets their puppies and the families who adopt them up for success. This puppy curriculum includes early neurological stimulation exercises, which are proven to benefit puppies’ development. These exercises help to create confident, well-rounded dogs.

As the puppies continue to grow and develop, they are exposed to a wide variety of novelty and exposure activities. From week 4 to week 8, the puppies have their own dedicated “puppy bowl” room and astro turf play area. Here, they have the opportunity to experience different textures, objects, and toys. Carolina Gilded Retrievers ensures that their puppies are exposed to a range of stimuli, preparing them for a happy and well-adjusted life with their new family.

Sound desensitizing is another essential aspect of their puppy curriculum. Starting at a young age, the puppies are exposed to a variety of sounds, including fireworks, train noises, and clapping. This exposure helps to shape their reactions to different sounds, making them adaptable and calm in various situations.

At 7 weeks of age, Carolina Gilded Retrievers performs the Volhard Aptitude test to assess each puppy’s individual temperament and personality. This test helps to match each puppy with the perfect family and ensures a successful transition into their new home. The level of dedication and attention to detail throughout the entire process is truly impressive.

Carolina Gilded Retrievers takes pride in the fact that their values align with their clients’ needs. They are not only committed to the health and well-being of their dogs and puppies, but they also go above and beyond to support their clients throughout the entire adoption process and beyond. It’s this level of care and dedication that sets them apart from other breeders.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some of their clients have to say:

– “We couldn’t be happier! Dana and her team at Carolina Gilded Retrievers do such amazing work with these dogs. They are 100% hands-on from the very beginning and continue to be available for advice even after take-home day. Our experience with CGR was excellent!”
– “Carolina Gilded Retrievers truly put their hearts and souls into caring for the puppies. The process is thorough, and you can tell how much they care. Our boy Scout is the sweetest pup!”
– “We loved getting to know Dana and Whitney. They were incredibly helpful in matching us with the perfect dog for our family. We are so happy with our puppy!”

It’s clear that Carolina Gilded Retrievers is dedicated to providing exceptional puppies and outstanding customer service. Their love for golden retrievers shines through in every interaction and in the joy that their puppies bring to people’s lives.

If you’re looking for a golden retriever to join your family in South Carolina, look no further than Carolina Gilded Retrievers. They offer a personalized and hands-on approach to breeding, ensuring that each puppy is well-prepared for a lifetime of love and companionship. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring a Carolina Gilded Retriever into your home. Sign up for more information today!

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