How much is a pure breed Labrador?

How much is a pure breed Labrador?

Hey there! So, if your adorable little puppy has already had some training from the breeder, you should expect to pay a bit more. On average, when you’re looking to buy a Labrador Retriever puppy from a breeder, it will cost you somewhere between $1000 and $2000. Now, if you’re interested in getting a show-quality Labrador pup, the price can go up a bit and range from $1800 to $2000. However, if you’re not too fussed about having a show pup and just want a sweet companion, a field pup could be a more affordable option, costing around $1500. So, it really depends on what you’re looking for in terms of training and quality.

How much is a pure breed Labrador?

In addition, if your puppy has already received training from the breeder, this will also increase the cost. On average, a Labrador Retriever puppy will cost you between $1000-$2000 when purchased from a breeder. Show Labrador puppies often range between $1800-$2000. A field pup could cost less, at around $1500.

What is the lowest price of Labrador puppy?

Product Name Expected Price
Labrador Dog 14000
English Labrador Dog 13500
29-36 Kilograms Weight Lovable Family Friend Breed Labrador Dog 15000
White And Golden Color Pet Labrador Dog for Domestic Use 25000

What are the signs of pure Labrador?


Which Colour Labrador is most expensive?

The Labrador Retriever only comes in three colors: black, chocolate, and yellow. Yellow in the breed can range from “fox red to light cream” – but it is genetically yellow even if it is so pale as to look white. Good breeders don’t charge different prices for different colors, except in the case of a serious mismark.

What is the most expensive dog?

What is the most expensive dog breed in the world? The most expensive dog ever sold was a red Tibetan Mastiff named Big Splash going for $1.5 million.

Why is a Labrador expensive?

Another factor that influences Lab dog prices is the reputation of the breeder. Reputable breeders who prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs often charge more for their puppies. They invest in proper nutrition, healthcare, and socialization, which contributes to the overall cost of the puppies.

Which color Labrador is best?

1. The Black Lab is the best hunting/gun dog out of the Labradors. The Black Labrador is highly favored in the hunting community and is often bred to be a hunting or a gun dog.

What is the cheapest dog?

  1. Chihuahua. These tiny dogs are just a wispy 3 to 6 pounds, yet they’re no wallflowers. …
  2. Toy Manchester terrier. In the 19th century, these teensy dogs were bred to hunt rats. …
  3. Beagle. …
  4. German wirehaired pointer. …
  5. Dalmatian. …
  6. Border collie. …
  7. Schipperke. …
  8. Pug.

How much is a silver lab?

Fact Traditional Labrador Silver Labrador
Life Expectancy: 10-14 years 10-14 years
Color: Chocolate, Yellow, Black Silver
Price: $500-$1000 $800-$1500
Trainability: Easy to Train Easy to Train

How long do pure labs live?

Labs are the most popular breed in America. Fortunately, they’re also one larger-sized breed that lives a long time — on average, 10 to 12 years. Energetic Labs love to play, so they’re likely to keep you young, too! Like other large dogs, they’re prone to hip problems, which can be painful.

How do I know my Labrador is original?

One way is to look at the coat of the dog. An original Labrador will have a short, straight coat, while a mixed Labrador may have a longer coat that is wavy or curly. Another way to tell them apart is by their size; an original Labrador will be larger than most mixed Labradors.

Which Colour Labrador is healthiest?

Researchers found that the life expectancy of chocolate Labrador retrievers is significantly lower than their black and yellow counterparts. The UK study looked at the vet health records of 33,320 United Kingdom-based Labradors of all colors.

Which color Lab is the calmest?

People will frequently search this query, as they are certain that a particular color, whether that be yellow, brown or a black Labrador has a better temperament that’s based specifically on the color of their coat. But this isn’t true. A lab’s temperament has nothing to do with their color.

Which Labrador is best, male or female?

While there may be subtle differences in the male and female Lab, overall, these two sexes share the intelligence, gentleness, and friendliness that Labradors are known for. If you want a playful and goofy companion that acts as a guard dog, you may prefer a male.

Which color Labrador lives the longest?

Dogs with yellow or black coats live about 10 percent longer than their chocolate counterparts, according the study, published in Canine Genetics and Epidemiology on Monday. The median longevity for all labs is about 12 years, while the median age for chocolate labs was 10.7.

What’s the cheapest dog to buy?

  • Manchester Terrier $600.
  • Schipperke $650.
  • Irish Terrier $650.
  • German Wirehaired Pointer $700.
  • Border Collie $525.
  • Beagle $650.
  • Australian Terrier $550.
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi $550.

What is the highest price of Labrador?

Labrador Retriever Price in India On average in India, a Labrador Retriever puppy price from a reputable breeder ranges between Rs 9,000 to Rs 50,000 or even higher.

What is a pure Labrador?

It is also important to look for physical characteristics that are typical of the breed. Purebred Labradors have a distinctive body type and coat color, including a wide chest, a muscular body, and a black, yellow, or chocolate coat. Additionally, Labradors should have webbed feet and a strong, otter-like tail.

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